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Show us your finished projects!  We will be happy to post a picture of your finished class project or any other project if the materials were purchased in our store.   To have your project posted, simply send us your story and a picture of your project (jpeg format only) via email to




Susan Hunter has graciously shared a number of her finished quilts with us. Here is one of them.

Susan writes:

"Quilting is the most fun, rewarding hobby I have ever had in my life!  It is wonderful therapy, and an escape from the problems of this world!  I get LOST in quilting, which makes it so therapeutic!

I wish more women would take the plunge and get into this wonderful hobby!  They don't know what they're missing!

I would definitely advise women to get their fabrics at a quilt store, however.  I have been stung by buying cheap stuff at other stores.  One time I was pressing some fabric from one of those cheaper stores, and it shriveled and shrunk right before my very eyes!  My 10-inch square ended up about 9 inches!  On their gingham checkered fabric, it is so thin and cheap, I can see my hands right through it!"

Thank you, Susan!